Date: 10-12.2010
Type: Competition
Project typology: Architecture/Housing Block
Size: 21.000sqm
Location: Moscow, Russia

Status: settled

Project leader: Oana Simionescu
Team: Alex Cozma, Gabi Boldis, Marton Tovissi

Info: DA has its essence in the life patterns of a regular family. Translating this pattern into space has led to the creation of a “living” building, one that can grow/shrink along with its inhabitants. This almost organic flexibility allows the ensemble to become a permanent place for negotiation, collaboration and real-estate opportunity.

Modulating living areas into small units and composing these units in zigzag in two directions brings some key benefits to this ensemble: solar light from four directions for each apartment, endless combination of the modules in the continuous process of generating apartments; a simple constructive concept; exterior spaces with a different gradient of intimacy; positioning the apartments toward the exterior/neighborhood as well as the interior/community.

The structure of the modular ensemble is placed above the active-lane of the community. This shelters/delimits public spaces – which function as an “engine” for the community and are conceived in 3 layers: spaces of attraction towards the community, spaces of maintaining/sustaining the community and spaces of self-forming the community.
These spaces, together, lead to the creation of the specific nature of each ensemble through the presence of a specific community space.

DA is a complex housing type – capable of incorporating the evolution of its inhabitants – which facilitates new forms of communication and collective expression.