Date: 02 – 05.2010
Type: Competition entry
Size: ~3500sqm
Location: Omotesando Street, Tokyo, Japan

Status: Settled

Project leader: Alex Cozma
Team: Oana Simionescu


The small footprint of the site dictates the need to go vertical. The basic vertical tower with its classical levels and segmented views is not enough when it comes to representing a museum. We were interested in continuity, difference in intensities, elegance and innovation. Therefore, we only kept the inner core from the classical tower, and we spiraled around it the path of the museum.
We obtained a 1,4km ascending path that works as a continuous transition of spaces. It is a gradient of intensities that follow one-another: a journey of initiation!

Functionally the height of the tower is divided into private spaces at the bottom, in the basement, public ones from the ground level going up – including the exhibition -, and the exclusive, semipublic spaces at the top end. Every space beside the parking and the storage rooms are naturally ventilated and get natural light. Even though the administration is placed at the basement level, the sloped profile of the ceiling allows the offices to be natural lighted.
From the ground level, the visitor begins a process of initiation as a continuous accessional transition. Space has no physical boundaries anymore – all the way up, different programs are animated with stairs and platforms. The slope starts at the entrance and is in direct relation to the street – creating urban space inside the entrance hall. There is a direct relationship with the urban balcony at the first floor where the souvenir shop is located. After passing the shop, the exhibition begins. The slope is a continuous transition of different shaped spaces and dynamic views.
The most spectacular area is the runway cantilevering at 80 meters high. The path concludes with a beautiful sloping Japanese garden accessed directly from the sky bar.